Thursday, October 20, 2016

Library Meditation

The Library might be my favorite place in the world. Not any specific library, but all libraries, everywhere. The general concept of The Library.

But I also love my library in particular, which is how I think of the branch in my city. Its name, my we're related.

That's where I am tonight, trying to write something and prove to myself that writing is like riding a bike, except this is one bike I might actually have forgotten how to ride. I even went searching for a list of "third grade writing prompts" which is exactly what I'd do if my child told me he thought maybe he wanted to write but didn't know what to write about. It was some of what you'd expect ("If I were the President..." and "My Family" and "A Favorite Vacation") with a few oddities thrown in ("If I were a turtle...").

I suppose I could write about myself as a turtle. I'd be on the beach right now, instead of in the library, probably. Maybe. I don't even know what kind of turtle I am. I'd better figure that out, I guess.

It's hard to be a turtle when I keep getting distracted by the sounds and smells of the enormous printer next to me. I parked myself at a print station on purpose because the computers there have a 30 minute limit instead of 60 minutes. I think there are 120-minute computers around here somewhere, which is my sad little stay-at-home-mother dream vacation right now: 120 minutes, on a library computer, surrounded by other people typing and working and studying. And the occasional squalling baby.

Poor squalling baby. And poor squalling baby's adults. My turtle-heart goes out to you, squalling-baby-family. I hope you all sleep deep, beautiful sleep after you leave the library tonight.