Monday, October 24, 2016


A new session of Beginning Ballet started tonight, and there were 13 dancers in a studio that really fits about eight, maybe nine. When I started dancing again, two years ago (I thought it was one year, but my teacher thinks it's two and I don't argue with him) there were four of us. Fifty-percent of the class was named Sarah then, and I remember the rond de jambe combination made me want to cry. Now it's one of my favorite things and I look forward to it.

Ballet is a reset button. I spent all day with a tension hangover from last week paired with premenstrual exhaustion. I skipped a mid-day nap in favor of a three-protein-bar lunch and a few minutes to work on Ivy's Halloween costume. I went into class tonight  kind of sluggish and grumpy from not enough sleep and no vegetables, but all that disappeared as soon as I started focusing on my tendu.

Something about dance just clears all the bullshit away. It might just be that it's wonderful to be in my body when I'm doing something, and dancing is my favorite something.