Monday, January 6, 2014

Dailies 1/6


The year changed over again, and I keep waiting for something profound about that to spring to mind, but it hasn't yet. So far, I'm just moving right along, inching towards the feeling-doing-being better thing we're all after.

We un-Christmased the house a few days ago, and something about having to sweep up so many fallen needles (New Year's Resolution: water the Christmas tree once in a while) made me go a little nesting-mad. It was the cue to CLEAN ALL THE THINGS.

So I organized several closets, and got to work on putting the garage back in order. I also de-pinkified Ivy's daytime wardrobe, with the exception of one sparkly pony shirt that reminds me of my beautiful, horse-loving friends. I even got out the power screwdriver and fixed a rickety hook in the bathroom that's been bothering me for years. Years. It took nine seconds to fix. (New Year's Resolution: fix the nine-second things sooner.)

The children both looked absolutely huge to me today. Westley is right on the verge of not fitting in the bathtub any more when he stretches out. He bounded off the school bus (it was first day back after winter break) radiating a grown-up confidence that's shining out of him more and more. It's odd that he only turned six a month ago. Ivy is all leg muscle and energy. She runs, she dances, she sings. She tries to jump—exclaiming, "yump!"—and it's so cute I can't breathe.

They're both so beautiful and both going through such awful phases at the moment. It's one of those paradoxes of parenthood: my children are the most beautiful, miraculous beings of light I've ever come in contact with...who can be such little shitheads I wish the goblins would come and take them away, right now! If you ask Westley to put his socks in the hamper, he throws up his hands and moans as though he's been sentenced to 90 days' hard labor. This morning Ivy fought me over lying down to get her diapers changed for almost an hour. (New Year's Resolution: master the art of the standing-toddler diaper change.)

Today was my first day back to "normal" (Rob at work, Westley in school), and the difference in end-of-day exhaustion parenting solo for 10 hours versus having another adult at home is massive. This year, maybe I'll get my energy to catch up to my life.




Ellie said...

Almost old enough to send them to their horse loving aunties when you are tired!

Melissa said...

It's true. Horse loving Aunties love having crazy babies visit when Mom is tired. Love you!