Wednesday, November 28, 2012

Yes We K'tan

This is not a sponsored post. It's not every day that I love-love-love and want to kiss a baby carrier. I had to share.


It's no secret that I love the Ergobaby carrier. But I'm in love with the Baby K'tan. With a treasure trove of gear from Westley's baby days waiting for me in the attic, buying anything new seems silly. But the K'tan was worth every penny.

The first time I saw a mom with a wrap-style carrier was (predictably) in the Whole Foods parking lot. She was lovely and serene with a halo of curly hair and a long hippie skirt. She stepped out of her car already wearing the wrap, went around to the side where the car seat was, slid the baby into the wrap and she was on her way. I was newly married with babies on the brain, and I wanted to be that mom.

Fast forward a couple years and I have a baby (yay, Westley!) and a wrap. It was one of the ones that's just a giant piece of semi-stretchy fabric. And I could not make it work. It was always either too loose, or too tight, or the baby would get impatient and start fussing while I was trying to get the thing on, which would stress me out, thus making it harder to concentrate on wrapping... Some mothers who love and swear by their one-giant-piece-of-fabric-that-comes-with-a-copy-of-The-Ashley-Book-of-Knots carriers. Not this mother.


But I kept being drawn to wraps. So soft. So cozy. So cocoon-like for that precious sleeping bundle, like a swaddle-to-go. When I saw the Baby K'tan, which works like a wrap but goes on more like a T-shirt, I thought it might be too good to be true. "A wrap without all the wrapping..." claims the Web site. Exactly what I wanted.

And now I want to marry my Baby K'tan. Yes, it's super-comfortable to wear and easy to use, but the thing that makes it number one in my book? I can put Ivy into it without waking her up. Yes, ma'am.


Today, in fact, I went from sleeping baby in my arms to sleeping baby in her car seat to sleeping baby in the Baby K'tan to sleeping baby in her car seat. Part of it is my mad mama skillz. But making that transfer from car seat to carrier (and carrier to car seat) without disturbing the slumber-in-progress never goes so smoothly with the Ergo. With the K'tan, I just put Ivy up on my shoulder (like I'm going to burp her) and slide her into the wrap.

Seriously. Best baby carrier ever.

Easy on my back, easy on the nap.

Love, love, love.


Sara said...

Oh my gosh, wish I had free dollars because I need that! I love the whole idea of the moby and it works well at times, but I hardly use it these days as it's hard to get on and off quickly and without jostling her around too much. I end up using the mei tai style the most right now, but would love something more comfortable and t-shirt like. Maybe we'll get one the next time around. :)

Lea said...

This post makes me want to have another baby!! One day!

Mama Smith said...

I loved the idea of the Moby, but I'm short and it was so much fabric that I just couldn't ever make it work. I think I on;y used it once and then switched to ring sling and Ergo. This one looks so smart! Next time :)

Kate said...

I was looking at those at the store the other day. If you could choose only one, Ergo or K'tan, which would it be? Or do they serve completely different purposes?