Saturday, November 17, 2012

Three Months

Three Months

Ivy turned three months old on Wednesday, and I had every intention of writing this then. But life got in the way. (And then illness got in the way. I have some sort of sinus infection going. Or else I have pinkeye in my third eye. Blah.)

* * *

We made it through the fourth trimester! Ivy is no longer a newborn. She's a baby. She's the babiest baby who ever babied. She smiles and coos and tries so hard to roll over, and she kicks happily in her bouncy chair. She's often quiet and serious, just taking it all in, storing up knowledge for later. But she loves to use her voice.

Ivy loves to talk. She has more to say than any baby I've ever known. If I just stare at her and smile, she coos long phrases that go on for minutes and include the babytalk equivalents of semicolons and parenthetical statement. We also have long conversations that go something like this:

Her: EeeeEEEeee-aye-aye-aye! Aah-oohOOH!

Me: Aah-ooh? Really?

Her: Aye-AYE-aye! Aaaaaaaaa-OOH!

Sometimes I think she's auditioning for Rent. Or else she just wants me to take her out tonight.


At first, she looked like Rob. Then she looked like me as a baby. Over the past few weeks, Ivy has started to look more like herself. Her eyelashes popped out about a month ago, and they continue to grow longer and curlier. Her eyebrows are getting dark. She's rubbed off all the newborn hair on the back of her head—or else I've kissed it off. I kiss her head about a thousand times a day.

I think Ivy might be a brunette. (Westley was definitely a blue-eyed blond at this age.) Her eyes are still a mysterious, in-between color. They're magic. I can't seem to snap an accurate photo of them. They shimmer like labradorite.

In just a few pictures, Ivy looks a lot like Westley.

Three Months
(It helps that she's wearing Westley's hand-me-downs.)

I often wish I had the option to just laze around with Ivy, the way I did with her brother when he was a baby. Instead of us getting used to her rhythms, she's had to adapt to ours. That's the thing about being a second child.


But it's working out really beautifully. Most of the time, things are good. I'm amazed by how far we've come just in the past few weeks. The 3-6 Months clothes are already starting to look too small. Nursing sessions don't go on for hours. There is something resembling a sleep schedule.

Right Hand

It's funny to me that I still can't believe Ivy is real. Yesterday I put her on the changing table and I was just blown away by her actual-baby-ness. All I could do was stare at her, because, Look at you! You're a baby! You're my daughter and you're really REAL!

She seems too magical and funny and strong and beautiful to be a real baby. To be my baby. Looking at her is like seeing sunlight breaking through the clouds on a gray day.





LOVE this post. Your descriptions of her personality always remind me of Soleil as a baby. She NEVER wanted to be put down and she talked so so so much. She entered a serious growling phase around 4 months... started talking talking at 10 months and we are still waiting for her to stop... or at least take a breath! :)
I have the exact same sense of disbelief about Lucy - when will she seem real?!
Ivy is adorable :)

Allison the Meep said...

Audrey says this about seeing these pictures of Ivy:
"Oh! Dat's a tiny little baby. Can I hold her? I like her eyes."

Ivy is awesome. I can't believe she's real either. I can't believe my kids are real, and they're kind of old. But it's true. Out of nowhere, and here they are.

Sara said...

How did she get so big?! Wasn't she just in your belly?

She's looking awfully adorable these days, that's for sure. :) And I'm glad to hear things are going so well most of the time.

Jessica said...

Those are definitely some intense eyes. Ivy is such a beautiful baby!

Candace said...

Happy 3 months gorgeous girl!

autumn said...

Aren't second babies a weird enigma? Always there, always held, always on us, but always. . . second? Something like that. I hardly realized that a month and then another (and then five more) had passed- what a baby! I can't believe your little lady is 3mo old!