Thursday, November 1, 2012

Next Year, He's On His Own

Little Link

When Westley said he wanted to be Mega Man for Halloween, I thought, How hard can that be? Blue bodysuit, done! But it turns out that the important-to-Westley part of the costume was the Mega Buster, Mega Man's light-up arm-cannon-thingamajig. (I'm pretty nerdy, but I had to look it up.) Which he wanted to actually light up and glow in the dark, and probably launch rockets for defeating "bad guys" and God knows what else. Again, I thought this might be doable—or Dad-able.

My father is super handy. He's one of those major DIY guys. He can put a kitchen where there was no kitchen! So when I found instructions for a preschool-sized Mega Man costume online, I was on the phone immediately: "Hey, Dad-who-can-make-anything, can we make this?" And he was like, "Hell no, that looks really hard."

With a few extra hours in the day, we probably could've pulled it off. But instead of trying to find a bunch of extra any free time, I got busy talking Westley into going as his second choice, Link from The Legend of Zelda series.


If Mega Man was going to be easy, Link should be really easy, right? Green hat, green tunic, done! But over the several weeks leading up to Halloween, Westley's costume got increasingly more complicated. The hat had to be hand-sewn. The shield had to be hand-painted. The belt had to be cut down to size—and a loop attached for the sword which required power tools. (Thanks, Dad!)

I ended up putting a lot of work into Westley's "easy" Halloween costume, and Halloween in general. (It wasn't enough to carve one pumpkin. I somehow decided we had to have six.) I made myself really anxious over it, too. It wasn't really for me, as Halloween is not a holiday I enjoy, save the whole carving pumpkins thing (see previous parenthetical aside). Yes, I wanted Westley to have a costume that would be fun after Halloween was over. Something that would hold up better than a bagged, party store costume, that he could wear for Emerald City Comicon or PAX next year if he decides to dress up. But I'm not sure Westley noticed the difference, or cared. I think he probably would've been just as happy with a costume-in-a-bag.


This morning, I was still feeling some of the Halloween-related anxiety. I got so caught up in "getting it right" that I lost the fun of making something fun! Westley doesn't need a couture hat or hand-painted shield to pretend he's someone else. He does that all the time in the back yard with a stick and over-sized rain boots.

Westley looked awesome as Link, and he had a great time on Halloween. But next year, his costume will be about him and what he can imagine, not about what I can make.


* * *

Tiny Damcer

P.S. Ivy was a ballerina. Her costume was made of things we already had around the house, and new clothes she needed anyway.



Lea said...

You made a great costume! And Ivy looks so grown! She is starting to resemble your husband! :-)

Mia said...

They both look adorable!

Kate the Great said...

That costume is epically awesome! I cannot believe you were able to put that together with a newborn in the house. Super mom saves the day! Also, from your first picture, I had assumed that Ivy was dressed as Navi, the fairy that helps Link in Ocarina of Time.

Melissa said...

To this day I still brag about the home made Halloween costumes my mom made for me at that age. He'll remember, and he'll be happy for it.

Allison the Meep said...

You did a great job on his costume! But I get you. Sometimes it's just not worth the stress. Julian is at the stage where he wants his outfits to be hardcore authentic. As in, he was pissed at me for days and half-cried when I cut like 3 inches off his hair because it was getting ratty. "But I wanted to have real Thor hair!" His outfits have to be so authentic that anything I handmade would take weeks and a crap ton of money for supplies. So I just drop the $30 it costs to buy the ready to wear one at Target, and he's just as happy.

Did people recognize Westley's outfit? You really did go to such great lengths that before you posted this, I thought you bought the whole thing. It's super pro looking. And I love Ivy's ballerina outfit.

Mama Smith said...

I love his costume! Nice work. I fell into the same trap, it's a tough balance because I look back at the costumes my mom made me and I appreciate them in hindsight. Of course I didn't care at all when I was actually wearing them. I guess at a certain point they get old enough to let you know what they want.

At least he looks really cute, as does Ivy!

zerbert said...

What an awesome costume! I hope that he is ale to make good use of it during the next year or two. I don't know how you pulled off all that work - stressful indeed!