Friday, November 23, 2012

Forever Awkward

Every year since Rob and I got married, I've intended to send out holiday cards. In fact, I have two boxes of Christmas cards (though not the photo-of-us kind) out in the garage right now. They've come with us on three moves and most of the envelopes are missing. Yeah.

But this year is different! This year, it's really gonna happen. This year, we are a family of four, which feels very official in an ohmygosh, SO grown-up way. And grown-ups send out holiday cards. Or so goes the logic inside my head.

When I determined that yes, 2012 is THE year, the I'm-really-gonna-do-it-this-time,-don't-try-to-stop-me-guys Christmas card YEAR, I also determined that I had exactly zero pictures of the four of us together. But! Thanksgiving would mean that we would all be in the same place at the same time, and in pretty good moods (thank you, delicious eats), and there would be another adult around to take a photo. Perfect!


Yeah. Not so much. The lighting is bizarre, I look like I was trying to camouflage myself against my mom's floral love seat, and Rob is over it. And Westley insisted on holding up a toy in front of himself the entire time my dad was snapping pictures.


We are Awkward Family Photos fodder for sure. No family-of-four holiday cards for us this year! (Although a couple of the shots are awkward in an almost-awesome sort of way.)


Fortunately, I have a million and a half adorable pictures of the kids, which I can combine into an adorable, extended-relative-pleasing collage of holiday cheer.



Kaylie said...

I like the last one! Use that as a tongue in cheek kinda way.

Ellie said...

Agreed, the last my favorite.

Kate the Great said...

Love these! In the second pic, Rob looks like he's about to succumb to food coma. Also, have you seen the old, Victorian, children's photos with the moms "camouflaged" in the background? Google that shit immediately!

Candace said...

Yes, the last one is definitely a keeper. That just screams "we are awesome!"

Danielle said...

The last one would be a perfect holiday card!!

Allison the Meep said...

These pictures are all so great! It's kind of awesome that Westley has a toy in front of his face, because that is totally what Julian did at that age too, even though it irritated the hell out of me at the time. Oh, little boys.