Tuesday, September 11, 2012

One-handed Writing

I still haven't mastered the art of typing while nursing. When I think of something I want to write down, it's often long forgotten by the time the keyboard is within reach. I now have a better understanding of the appeal of the small, portable iDevice. And texting. I would text like crazy if I had a device that texted—especially if I could do it one-handed.

(Wow. "Text" as a verb still looks wrong to me. Which probably means I should be telling you kids to get off my lawn.)

Ivy continues to be a good sleeper and a good eater. (It's a dangerous combination that makes me feel VERY pro-baby, to the point that I start to imagine having six more kids and my own reality series). However, the bulk of her sleeping and eating is done in my arms, making it hard to do anything else.

If I ever want to write anything substantial ever again, I need to master typing with one hand. Or else figure out how to transfer my sleeping baby to the Ergo without waking her up...therein reminding her that she'd rather be nursing.


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Paige said...

Oh man. Texting saves me every day. I can't so much as whisper while the babe is sleeping-in-arms or carrier. I have taken to texting my husband who is in the same room to keep from waking him!

Plus... I love that it forces people to get to point. I'm not one for drawing it out ;)