Monday, September 24, 2012

New (School) Year's Resolutions

I didn't write my traditional Mid-Year Resolutions this year. Mid-year, I was starting to feel seriously pregnant, and I couldn't really think about anything other than being seriously pregnant. But I didn't want to ignore the tradition of mid-year resolutions entirely, because I love "resets" and fresh starts. And nothing is more fresh-starty than a new baby.

Sleep, nursing pillow.
So new, so sleepy.

Also, the new school year has always felt more like a fresh start to me than New Year's Day. And! It was just Rosh Hashanah, so Happy New Year to all of my Jewish friends! See how I make myself feel better about not keeping up with things? Which brings us to...

Keep up with e-mail. I'm terrible about this, and I want—no, NEED to get better about it because it's so easy. If you send me an e-mail and I don't reply, it's no because I don't love you or I don't care. It's not even that I forgot. Because I didn't forget! I think about that e-mail (and how I really should reply to it) all the time, I just...get distracted by something shiny when I open up my computer. (Also, the easier the task, the more likely I am to put it off. It's ridiculous. I need to work on this general tendency, but I'm starting with e-mail.)

Be a better friend. See above. I have lovely, amazing, real-life friends whom I never ever call or write to. And then I wonder why I feel so isolated and lonely! Yeah. Even just sending a monthly postcard with "Hey, I miss you and I think about you all the time and you're awesome" on the back of an awesome picture of a wolf taken by someone much braver than I am could work. I just need to do something active to keep my friendships going so that when we're all cranky old ladies we can move into a big funky house together.

More planned activities with family. Rob and Westley (and Ivy!) and I have so much fun together when we map out our days in advance. It doesn't have to be elaborate (homemade sushi and a park trip, followed by living room dance party, for example), or even terribly specific. But coming up with a rough idea the night before means more relaxing and less bickering when we're all together.

Get down on the floor. Not in the hip-hop sense. I need all the strength and flexibility I can get, so I'm adding some "full body presses" to my day each day. Yesterday I nursed Ivy while sitting on the floor (propped up with about a half-dozen pillows) instead of in the glider and it was not bad—while also demonstrating to me that I need to spend a bunch more time on the floor!

Curb spending...but splurge where it counts. It's not always easy to choose quality over quantity when there are cheap treats and quick fixes everywhere, but this is the financial balance I'm always working towards. I feel especially committed to it now with a new family member. If we save money (or spend nothing) on things that don't matter much, we can invest in things that really do!

* * *
Oh, and one more thing...


Love on these three every day.



Mia said...

Good luck! I'm the worst with email--it's like Chelsea Handler said: "Just text me like a real adult." That last picture was so adorable...

Lauren Knight said...

Oh, you are describing my life (with the feeling isolated but not reaching out to good friends enough). Thanks for this reminder!

Allison the Meep said...

Many of these resolutions are ones that I should be aiming for too. I am such a weirdo hermit and need to make a better effort to get out and enjoy the great things about my little town that I love so much.