Wednesday, September 12, 2012

Dailies 9/12


Rob and I went on our first post-baby date last week. It was a beautiful sunny day (like today) and Mt. Rainier just barely came out to greet us. We took Ivy with us to Cafe Flora, where it turned out to be babywearing day. I saw at least five other babes in carriers while we were there. I ate a delicious but dinky salad and was hungry again almost immediately. Ivy slept the entire time, and Rob, like the seasoned front-pack-wearer he is, managed not to drop any food on her.


Westley starts preschool again next week. I'm both thankful for and overwhelmed by the impending structure. In the meantime, I'm trying to squeeze in as much close-to-home fun as possible. Thank goodness for the back yard. I used to think unkind thoughts about that space and its leafy, weedy chaos. Now I regularly write love letters to the back yard. The chaos is perfect for a high-energy preschooler.

Earlier this summer, Westley discovered that the thorny vines in our back yard—which I had been cursing for not having the decency to produce anything beautiful or edible—do, in fact, grow blackberries. A few days ago, he reported that there were blackberries ready to be picked! After examining the plants again, it occurred to me that the giant, brambly mass by the side of the road not even half a block from our house might also be producing blackberries. Sure enough, Westley ended up picking over a pound of fruit—not counting the berries he put directly into his mouth.


I took my first solo trip out of the house with two children last Thursday. We went to the library. It was so not a big deal, but it made me feel AWESOME. We left the house, and everything was great! High-five, self!

Also rad is the jack-o'-lantern already hanging out (and, less awesome, rotting) on our porch. Pumpkins showed up at the fruit market this week, and Westley just had to have one to carve.


I want to hang onto the summer as long as possible, but I can't blame Westley for wanting to spread a little early Halloween cheer. Pumpkin-carving is one of my favorite things ever. And it was nice to say yes to Westley about something after having to say no (and "wait" and "not right now") so many times in the past few weeks. This is also how he ended up with a DVD of The Sword in the Stone, and a chocolate Mighty O donut for breakfast. I feel like I have to squeeze in little fun things and treats for him wherever I can, especially now that long Mommy-Westley excursions won't be an option for a while.


It's cliche to say "this too shall pass" but reminding myself that all of this is temporary makes the difficult parts feel less oppressive and the sweet parts so much sweeter. I won't always be nursing around the clock, and I won't always have a brand new baby to cuddle. Westley won't always be so challenging, and he won't always be so delighted by something as simple as blackberry picking. We'll be a family of four for a long time, but our time as a new family of four is only for now.

So very temporary.



Cait said...

Something I saw on the wall in one of my many therapists' office: "This too shall pass. But now would be nice."
The hard is still hard, even while it is also beautiful and yes, temporary. You're doing so wonderfully. Love to you all.

Lea said...

So sweet! This post made me smile and go you on your first solo venture out!

That picture of Westley next to his pumpkin is so dang cute! He looks so pleased!

Mama Smith said...

Love this, it does all change so quickly- for better and for worse, it looks like happy days though. Enjoy them!

Sara said...

So much goodness in this post. I think just taking each day as it comes and really trying to enjoy little things here and there while powering through the tougher parts is definitely the way to go. You seem to find such a good balance of making sure Westley has the stimulation, love, and structure he needs while also being able to savor your new little one, and I admire that.

Kaylie said...

Westley and Ivy are so adorable! You look lovely and your hair looks so nice and thick! I'm jealous since all my hair fell out at 3 months postpartum. I do have to say that Rob is looking good with the beard!

Kate the Great said...

I so happy for you guys, and that everyone is healthy and thriving! This time of year always makes me think of my favorite Smithies. This year, my thoughts have been with your family (and the future class of '30). Much love to you all!

PS. When did Westley get so tall?! In the picture with his scooter, the kid is a GIANT!