Saturday, August 11, 2012

Thirty-Nine Weeks

Thirty-Nine Weeks

As I wrap this up, I keep meaning to move the weekly updates closer to Thursdays, which is when the week number actually shifts over. When a post goes up on Monday, I'm actually however many weeks and four days. I usually find talking about pregnancy in weeks and days a little crazy-making and unnecessary, but now that we're so close to the end, those days start to matter.

My due date is five days from now.

Thirty-Nine Weeks

One of my favorite memories from my pregnancy with Westley was taking Rob shopping for a new winter coat. (The words "winter coat" looked so repellent just now, as I sit here in my sweaty underwear, drinking an icy beverage. Remembering that it was November doesn't help much.) It was Tuesday night. The salesguy asked when I was due.


His eyes got as big as pasta bowls. He couldn't run our credit card through the machine fast enough.

I'm almost looking forward to going somewhere this coming Thursday so if anyone asks when I'm due, I can say, "Today!"

Thirty-Nine Weeks

Getting the heck out of the house has been the most important item on the agenda every day this week. Especially now that the freezer is full and the birth kit is organized, there is nothing to do at home but wait. And while the temptation to sit around and wait for labor to start is huge, doing so is excruciating—and unproductive. I get some fantastic Braxton Hicks contractions just from walking, and I figure they must be good for something. If nothing else, I can practice ignoring them.

Also in the totally excruciating camp is the mostly involuntary thought-process that tacks "this could be the last time before the baby is born" around everything. This could be the last time I take Westley to the Children's Museum before the baby is born. This could be the last trip to the beach, the last chiropractic adjustment, the last library visit. This could be the last time I go to the grocery store before the baby is I should probably buy six months' worth of laundry detergent while I'm here! Aaahhh!

Not only does this type of thinking not make the time pass more quickly, but I inevitably feel like a chump when we end up back at the library the next week and I've still got the giant belly.

Thirty-Nine Weeks

Every week I go back and forth about whether to talk about my weight and size. Body image, especially during pregnancy, can be such a difficult topic, and it's incredibly subjective. What feels like a tremendous amount of weight (mentally and physically) to one person might not seem like much at all to someone else. Embracing the weight gain has been one of the hardest parts of this pregnancy for me, and I'm still torn as to whether I think the additional 32 lbs. I'm carrying represent a huge gain or a relatively small one. I'll admit to being very curious to see how the weight comes off. (I will also admit to fantasizing about being back in my skinny jeans by my birthday in January—but the key word there is "fantasizing.")

Thirty-Nine Weeks

Rob's mom called this morning hoping for baby news. My mom called this afternoon. Rob's coworkers regularly say things like, "No baby yet?" when he shows up at work. I don't know what people are hoping to hear when they ask for baby news at this point. "Oh, that's right. I went into labor and totally forgot to mention it to anyone!"

I wish I had some inside information on when this child will grace us with her presence. But I have absolutely no idea. It could be tomorrow for all I know, or it could be two weeks from tomorrow! I've been talking to her about it, but she hasn't told me her plans.

Thirty-Nine Weeks



Amanda said...

Oh the "no baby yet!?" questions are the worst! My phone was blowing up my last few weeks of pregnancy ( both times) starting from my due date until the day I gave birth. I went to 43 weeks both times so that is a LOT of phone calls. I could not figure out how people would think that I was secretly in labor/had the baby and just didn't bother to call my closest family members. So annoying. Good luck...positive labor vibes coming your way!

Lea said...

Yay!! Any day now! So exciting!!

Allison the Meep said...

Looking gorgeous, as always. The weight gain thing is such a weird thing in pregnancy because all our lives we are told weight gain is bad, and then we are supposed to embrace it when we are pregnant. Because it's good for the baby! And it is. But maybe not so good for the mental state.

I'm so looking forward to seeing this new lady of yours. (I just accidentally typed "ours"...that's my secret psycho side coming she's my baby to share or something. heh.) Whenever she arrives, she will be celebrated.


So close! Can't wait to see the update of her arrival :) It is fun to read your entries because we are so close... but I have to admit to irrational ENVY that you are about to pop! I'm ready to evict my little tenant - but you've put more time in :) May the force be with you!

Mia said...

So exciting!

Sara said...

It's amazing to think you are to this point already. Boy how time flies and crawls all at the same time.

Also, a little jealous of your full freezer. We're still working on figuring all of that out! :)

Lauren Knight said...

Ha! I loved telling people who asked when I was due "Last week!" That always made them so nervous. And as I was overdue, I remember going to the local butcher and when he found out I was actually past my due date, he looked startled and said, "You're allowed to leave the house?!" Um...

Also, you look so great. I know those last few weeks are so hard and all you want to do is get that baby out! Hang in there. I cannot believe how close you are!

jess said...

you are looking so gorgeous! i can only imagine how difficult it must be to both savour these last days of pregnancy & be so utterly excited to meet your baby.

the link in this post from cup of joe is totally hilarious and one i think i might print out on business cards to hand to people when my due date approaches... hahaha