Friday, June 15, 2012

We Are Here

Rob and I are doing absolutely nothing to celebrate our seventh wedding anniversary, which just happens to be today—and not seven and a half weeks from today, as many of our family members believe. It's not that we don't think the date is worth celebrating. (It absolutely is. High-five self and partner-person!) But we, um...kind of forgot about our anniversary until last week.

"Hey, you know what's coming up?"


"Our anniversary. Seven years!"

"I was so going to guess that!"

It's even falling on a Friday this year. We should be going out, perhaps to a swanky downtown hotel for the weekend, to toast each other and dance spoon the night away. Instead, we're lazing around at home, with bed linens overdue for a washing, tiny plastic figures of superheroes everywhere, and leftovers for dinner. (For what it's worth, they're good leftovers, and we also have leftover dessert.)

Couch Lazing

Lack of celebration aside, this morning we looked at each other and agreed that we're finally together because we really want to be together. This process kicked itself off a few years ago, but everything feels easier now. "We" fits us better, because we became a better fit.

Seven years ago, we went out for a very fancy dinner because it seemed required. Because we were getting married. We were supposed to do Something Special. I don't remember anything about that dinner except that Rob wore a chartreuse satin tie and I ended up with a cocktail that matched it. Rob wanted to buy me a wedding present, and I chose a pair of earrings. Silver with heart-shaped Helenite stones. Bright green synthetic gems to represent our glass relationship.

Tonight, there is no compulsory fanciness. In fact, I'll probably work out and then sit around smelling sweaty while Rob reads aloud (but not too loud—Westley is asleep in the next room) and the baby wiggles. Doing absolutely nothing—together—is the perfect evening.

We don't have to go anywhere special tonight. We're special here.



Allison the Meep said...

That sounds like such a really happy way to spend your anniversary. Happy 7 years to you both!

theveganinme said...

I'm with you. Sounds like a perfect evening to me!

Happy anniversary to you both!

Sara said...

Happy seven years to you all. It seems when two people are really comfortable with each other and at ease in their relationship that a lazy evening spent doing ordinary things together is just as well as a fancy night on the town. All of that can be fun now and then, but the real every day stuff really can't be beat a lot of the time.