Wednesday, June 20, 2012

Knocked Up and Coming Down with Something

Westley spent Father's Day cuddled up to Rob on the couch, feverish and exhausted. He rarely gets sick, and when he does, he seems to kick the sickness's butt in about six hours. But whatever this bug is, it's really taken the wind out of his little sails.

I was hopeful that I wouldn't catch Westley's mystery illness, but I've just started to feel that first twinge of coming down with something. The scratchy throat, the extra achiness, the things-aren't-quite-right sensation...

During non-pregnant-body months, I do the "Kill it Before it Comes" Cure, which is really just a lot of heat:

1. Make yourself a bowl of soup or mug of tea, as hot as you can stand it.
2. Run a bath, as hot as you can stand it.
3. Put on a warm hat, get in the hot bath, drink your hot soup or tea, and SWEAT.

With a person in my person, that much heat is off-limits. I was also pretty sure my newly tender (and spice-intolerant) tummy would reject my other go-to home remedy. But I will share the recipe with you nonetheless, because it is so hardcore.

Destroyer of Colds

Destroyer of Colds Cocktail

Blend the following:
Juice of 1 lemon 
1 large clove garlic 
1 chunk ginger, peeled (I use a piece about the size of my thumb) 
A few dashes cayenne pepper 
1/4 tsp turmeric 
Maple syrup, honey, agave, or other sweet stuff, to taste 
Water, as needed, to help it blend 

This stuff tastes pretty gnarly, but it kills sickness dead, especially if you're still in that "just feeling a little under the weather" phase. While all the ingredients are safe for pregnancy, it might not be the best choice when your stomach is squashed into a pancake and your lower esophageal sphincter is not its usual, pressure-ful self.

Pregnancy Anatomy

So what's a seven-months-pregnant lady to do to keep from getting down with the sickness? Here's what I've been up to for the past few days. It seems to be working insomuch as I haven't been feeling any sicker.

Water — It's the boring answer, but staying hydrated is always a good idea. It's an even better idea when you're feeling less-than-awesome.

Ginger — After my nausea-ridden pregnancy with Westley, I never wanted to see ginger or anything ginger-flavored again. But it really does the trick for the beginning of a cold or flu. In fact, I find ginger is useless for nausea but fantastic for scratchy throats and runny noses. Grate some fresh ginger root into a pot of water, simmer for a while, add some sweetener if you like, and drink. It's the kinder, gentler Destroyer of Colds Cocktail.

Organic Unfiltered Apple Cider Vinegar — The Internet reminded me of this one (thanks, you guys!): take 1 Tbsp Bragg's ACV in a glass of water three times a day until you feel better. It's not even unpleasant if you're used to drinking lots of...

Kombucha! — This is a little (or a lot) controversial. Is kombucha tea safe to drink during pregnancy and while breastfeeding? Some say yes, some say no. Many, including my naturopathic physician (who is also a licensed midwife), say yes, as long as you were drinking it before pregnancy. I find that a little bit of kombucha (4 fl. oz. or so) every day goes a long way to keeping me feeling healthy.

Tea — Herbal tea soothes a scratchy throat, helps with nasal congestion, and counts towards your water for the day! Red raspberry leaf, nettle, and peppermint are all good choices for pregnancy.

Chiropractic Care — The only thing on the list that's not a beverage! Chiropractic adjustments can help support the immune system by relieving physical nerve stress. Regular adjustments can also be extremely beneficial during pregnancy. I also find chiropractic care really relaxing.

* * *
What else? Some people swear by extra vitamin C and vitamin D. And of course extra rest is always a good idea, if you can get it. What are your favorite pregnancy-friendly tips, tricks, and remedies for a case of the "coming down with something"s?



Sara said...

I hope something starts working to kick the lousy feelings to the curb soon. My favorite is the ACV...that stuff is like the answer to everything in the world of natural health, but some of that in warm water and with a little agave or honey...mmm, I think it's so tasty whether I'm sick or not.

Danielle said...

I hope you feel better, Noelle! Very, very soon.

Mia said...

Now I want some kombucha...hope you feel better!

Mama Smith said...

I hope you are feeling better! Being sick when you're pregnant is the worste.

Allison the Meep said...

You know one that might be right up your alley? Radish tea. Wade's grandmother swears that boiling water plus radishes equals a fantastic cold remedy.

I hope you feel better soon. Being sick while pregnant eats nards, man.