Thursday, February 16, 2012

The Pant and the Pendulum

Yesterday, I made my second attempt at maternity jeans. (The first attempt is documented here.) It turned out to be a terrible idea. You see, I only need to wear maternity jeans insomuch as my regular jeans no longer fit comfortably. I should really just go into the attic and haul out my "fat" jeans.

I think maternity jeans manufacturers are counting on the belly to hold the jeans in place. I'm sure this works with a round, firm, fully-packed full-term pregnant midsection. But my belly is just skin and fat at this point—still quite mushy and not at all easy on the draw. This means my maternity jeans slip and slide with every little motion. Boo! Down with maternity pants!

But I still need something to wear on my bottom half. I know I've been singing the praises of American Apparel unitards and high-waist leggings for weeks now, and I stand by those praises. (American Apparel isn't paying me for this, by the way.) However, yesterday I discovered a pant that gives both a run for their money.

Leggings + Stripes

Hello, American Apparel Winter Legging! These things are so comfortable, I never want to take them off. From the outside, they look like your regular old jersey leggings, but on the inside they're almost plushy! Despite being extra thick, they're still very stretchy. Even with several extra pounds on my person, my usual size Medium is perfect. And they keep all the flabby bits and pieces nicely tucked in. They're control-top lite.

Also, enjoy the beauty of horizontal stripes with me. From the front, a little wider than usual, but barely bumpy. From the side...

Leggings + Stripes

...hello, little one! (Or should I say "little lady"?)

* * *

As I mentioned earlier, we've all been referring to this baby as a girl, even though it's way too early to know for sure. With Westley, my intuition said he was a boy early on. A scan at 20 weeks showed something that looked pretty penis-y, but I didn't count it as a sure thing. Umbilical cords have been known to masquerade as genitals in ultrasound images. I wish I'd known about the red cabbage sex test!

One test we did do was the wedding ring test. You've probably heard of this one: you have the mother lie down and dangle a wedding ring (or sometimes it's a needle) on a thread or strand of hair over her belly. If the ring swings in a circular motion, the baby is a girl; if the ring swings back and forth, it's a boy.

Because we're mystic-crystal-revelation types here, we did the wedding ring test with a pendulum.


The pendulum decided Westley was a girl on several occasions. I wondered if I'd get a girl result this time, too. I lay down on my bed and held the pendulum in my non-dominant hand to help access intuition and keep everything open to feelings and images (and to make photographing things easier!).


It's not easy to tell in still images, so you'll have to take my word for it, but according to the pendulum...


...we're expecting a boy!


For those of you playing along, the Guess the Sex results so far:

My intuition says: Girl (maybe)
Westley says: Girl (definitely, no question!)
Red cabbage says: Girl
Baking soda says: Girl
Pendulum says: Boy



Jessica said...

I say girl!

You look great! Leggings plus pregnancy equals awesome.

Anonymous said...

I'm with Jessica,(and Westley!).

Tara said...

Getting the right "fit" in maternity jeans can be almost impossible. I grew out of mine by my second trimester and switched to skirts and leggings for the rest of the journey.

All these little tests are so much fun! I'm gonna put my money on girl, but that might just be me wishing one of each for you.

Melissa said...

I knew Westley was a boy. No question. And I know this baby is a girl. Definitely, no question.

Anonymous said...

You look amazing! I don't know you personally, but I feel I must read this blog every day to keep up. In my culture, the sex of the baby is determined by what you eat. Salty, spicy foods=boy. Sweets=girl .

Cait said...

Jeggings are like crack: you make fun of everyone who wears them and then you try them JUST ONCE and you are HOOKED FOR LIFE. Seriously. Forget drug prevention in high school, they should talk about jegging addictions. I think I have four pairs. *hangs head in shame*

Anonymous said...

I don't know what the baby will be, but I declare the test to be flawed. You did not use a wedding ring or hair, ergo --> Flawed, DUH!