Tuesday, February 14, 2012

My Bloody Valentines

There are three things you need to know in order to appreciate how rad the following gesture is.

1. For a while, there was a strange assortment of photos on the fridge: Westley in his Halloween costume from two years ago; Rob and me dancing at our (second) wedding; me at age three or so standing inside a giant fiberglass pumpkin. Those photos are now taped to the inside of a couple of the kitchen cabinet doors. They're hidden from view until I reach for my vitamins or a cat dish.

2. Year before last, Rob wrapped my birthday presents in the posters from some of my favorite movies. (He did it again this year, with different favorite movies, but I forgot to take a picture.)

3. Remember my sudden interest in horror films?

This is what I saw when I went into the cabinet for my vitamin D drops this morning:

Horror Valentines

In case you can't read them...

Horror Valentines
Let's REV UP our relationship!
I can't maintain my silence any longer.

Horror Valentines
You're the best I ever SAW!
I'm crazy about you!

There is nothing more romantic than a Valentine that says "I get you" (as opposed to "I got you a Valentine"). Thank you, Rob, for making my day!




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Obi Wan

* * *

Happy Valentine's Day!



Mary Ruth Gilliam said...

These are much better than any ole Hallmark card - kudos to keeping it real!

Rob said...


Danielle said...

Incredibly amazing and unique. Love it!

Lea said...

This is awesome!! So cool! And very happy to know your Valentine "knows" you!! My favorite is "Let's REV UP our relationship!"

Mama Smith said...

The effort involved! How sweet and thoughtful. Being with someone that really knows you is such a treat.

Allison the Meep said...

You are both clever and awesome. I wish I had something better than that to say, but I'm all tapped out right now for smarts.

Tara said...

Awesome. What a perfect Valentine!