Saturday, February 4, 2012

Midwives Make People Happy

I was driving Westley home from preschool yesterday when a woman pulled up next to me at a stop light. She tapped her horn, and when I looked up, she motioned for me to roll down my window. Naturally, I assumed she was lost—or that my car was on fire and I hadn't noticed.

I rolled down my window.

"I love your bumper sticker!" she gushed.

"Oh," I had to think for a moment. What bumper sticker? Oh, right. "Thank you!"

Midwives Sticker

She beamed at me. "I just—I read it, and I thought, Oh, yeah! That's so great! I love it!"

"Thank you!" I didn't know what else to say. This woman was almost deliriously happy over the silly pun on my car. Midwives Help People Out. Yes. Yes, they do. But it makes me smile, too.

The light changed, and just a moment too late it occurred to me to ask her if she was a midwife. Maybe she's just a midwife fan, like I am.



amanda said...

I'm 20 wks pregnant with my second son and my first was born at home with three amazing midwives. This time around I am seeing a naturopathic Dr. who just happens to be male....he follows a midwife model of care and considers himself a midwife. I've quite enjoyed seeing him and he has caught over 600 (!) babies so I have no doubts of his skill...but there is just something about the female energy of my old midwives that I miss. :(

Lea said...

So cool! If I remember correctly, you posted about your cool sticker not too long ago!

candace said...

A midwife changed my life and I your bumper sticker would be a nice reminder of that!

Mama Smith said...

Yay midwives! My birth experience ended up being far from natural by medical necessity but the team of midwives saved me. Very cool bumper sticker :)

Tara said...

Go midwives! I had such a wonderful experience with my midwife. Yay, birth choices! Awesome bumper sticker.