Sunday, February 26, 2012

Broad Points: Pregnancy Edition

  • In the mornings, I eat about once an hour.

  • I have to sit up perfectly straight to pee. If I slouch, it feels like something is squashing my urethra and nothing will come out.

  • Speaking of posture, I've been reading about ways to avoid having a posterior baby—and possibly avoiding another round of back labor—and I have never wanted a kneeling chair so badly!


  • I'm envious of your belly. I would pay large sums of money if it meant getting to have a smooth, round pregnant midsection. But even at my fighting weight, I have a "double belly" with a dent above my navel. It's like my abdomen has a wattle.

    Flirting with my goal weight (August 2010)...

    ...and a little heavier, May 2011.

  • I don't understand all the baby gear that's out there. Babies need a place to pee and poop, something to wear, a place to sleep, and breasts. (And a car seat, if you travel by car.)

  • I can't stop listening to Sacred Circle Dance music.

  • I had a series of tattoo appointments set for February and March. Of course I had to cancel them, but coincidentally, my midwife and ultrasound appointments are falling on those same dates.

  • I can smell your perfume from all the way over here. If you protest, "But I'm not wearing perfume," you're dead wrong.

  • The one scent I still really love is coconut.

  • I'm thinking of buying a back massager and actually using it as a back massager.


Jessica said...

Baby gear isn't doing it for me this go around either. I'm much more concerned about clothing and diapers, although we are borrowing a bouncy seat. So much of that other stuff was completely unnecessary and took up way too much space.

Allison the Meep said...

The first time around, I was a marketer's dream and bought every baby gear idea that was thrown in my face because they convinced me that I needed it. Because I felt like baby/parenting magazines knew more than I did since Julian was my first baby and they spent all their waking hours studying baby products.

I didn't give a hoot with Audrey though. It's like having a second baby taught me that I actually did know what I was doing and didn't need to listen to all the magazines.

And one time, I bought a back massager (to be used as a back massager) and couldn't for the life of me figure out why the sales clerk was looking at me like I was disgusting. I honestly didn't get it until like, last year. For someone who makes such filthy jokes all the time, I can be very naive.

Tara said...

Oh yes, I remember that need to constantly eat. Early on in my pregnancy if I wasn't somewhat full I was nauseated. So basically I was just eating all the time (and gained 12 lbs my first trimester-ha!).

Sarbear said...

A back massager as a back massager sounds like a wonderful idea. I might have to treat myself as well, for my lower right back has been being quite the bratty one. I am with you on the gear. I have started picking up clothing here and there (mostly thrifted), and have bought some of our clothe diapers, a couple wooden teethers, and one little organic cotton cow toy, but I really want to avoid having large plastic contraptions every which way. We may have to fight it from the in-law angle but I really want our kids to live a simpler more minimalistic life, without too much excess. I'm sure we'll still have way more than necessary this first time around, as we figure things out, but at least I know I'm not above packing things up for a trip to goodwill. :)

Amber @ Backwards Life said...

LOL I had to sit straight up to pee, then lean all the way forward to squeeze the rest out, then bend side to side in the last month...otherwise I was going back to the bathroom in 5 minutes instead of 10 ;D