Tuesday, September 27, 2011

"I See a Couple"

When the guys came home from their evening tricycle adventure a few nights ago, Rob had a great Cute Westley Story to share:

As Rob and Westley were walking/pedaling towards the park, they passed two women walking towards them. The women were holding hands. They were (apparently) too focused on their conversation to hear Westley say, "I see a couple!"

My mouth fell open when Rob said this, because earlier that same day, I'd had a similar experience with Westley.

Carl's Afternoon in the Park

We were reading Carl's Afternoon in the Park, which, like all of Alexandra Day's Carl books, contains very little text. I was telling the story, pointing to things on the page.

"...and these two women are having a picnic."

"Couple," Westley corrected me.

Mostly surprised that he knew the word couple, I asked, "Are they a couple?"



When I told Rob this, he looked at me like I was way behind the times. Then he said something completely awesome: "Yeah, I've been telling him that."

"You have?"

"Yeah, because they're so clearly a couple."

I shouldn't really be surprised, and I'm not...exactly. But I might be a bit overwhelmed by my partner's unflinching awesomeness.



Becca said...

YES! This is awesome. You guys rule.

Allison the Meep said...

The coolest! I love that this generation of kids is (mostly) being raised with the idea that love is love is love. They don't think twice about families with two mommies, or two daddies.

Tara said...