Thursday, September 22, 2011

Film Festival: 'Babies'

Westley: I'd like to have a little brother or sister.

Mommy: I'd like that, too.

Westley: Can we do that sometime?

Mommy: I'll work on it.



Allison the Meep said...

I so loved this movie. There were several wtf moments though, where I was all, "HOLY SHIT! That rooster is inches from that baby's head and will surely kill him!" Or, "That kid is going to murder that poor cat!"

The African and Mongolian babies were far more interesting to watch than the ones from big cities. I mean, they were all great and cute because duh, babies are the coolest. But I really enjoyed watching the African and Mongolian families a lot more.

Heh. My verification word is "deashmat." Doesn't that sound like "dish mat" with a very thick foreign accent?

Amber @ Not Mommy said...

Ha, I agree with Allison, the "rural" babies were much more interesting.

That said...I guess I should send you some "positive" vibes :-)

Lea said...

Such a sweet conversation!! I loved this movie!