Wednesday, September 28, 2011

Fall Fashion - Wednesday - LIVE!

At the end of the day yesterday, I looked at myself and realized my outfit had slowly morphed away from what you saw. So today, to change things up a little, I'll be live-blogging everything I wear!

I realize this won't be Fall Fashion so much as Fall Reality, but my hope is that it will be entertaining.

7:25 AM, post-workout —
Fall Fashion - Wednesday
Fall Fashion - Wednesday
Shoes, old and gross
Socks, Target
Sports Bra, Champion
Unitard (that I also slept in last night), American Apparel
Bra hanging on mirror, So classy!

9:00 AM, post-shower — (I could've taken a picture of myself in my towel, but I decided to spare you.)
Fall Fashion - Wednesday
Dress, American Apparel
OMG, my foot is inside a sheep, Ugg

Also, when I'm out and about with my hair pulled back, I often get asked about the accessory situation happening in my right ear.
Fall Fashion - Wednesday
14g 14K White Gold Captive Bead Rings, Had them for years, don't remember (Body Circle designs, maybe?)
8g Silicone Eyelets, Kaos Softwear
6g Stainless Steel Threaded Tunnels, Halftone Bodyworks

The answers:
1. There are 10 of them.
2. Yes, they hurt.
3. No, they weren't done all at once.
4. There are just two holes in the other ear.
5. Originally, I just thought asymmetry was cool. Now I like the idea that one side of my body is strange and the other side is vaguely "normal." (Except that my tattoos are on that side. Whoops.)

11:10 AM —
Fall Fashion - Wednesday
Fall Fashion - Wednesday
Fall Fashion - Wednesday
Fall Fashion - Wednesday
Sweater, Thrifted
Necklace, Vintage, gifted
Skirt, Thrifted
Tights, A million years old (probably Target)
Boots, Nine West
Nail Polish, American Apparel "Poppy"

3:57 PM, time for some light cleaning —
Fall Fashion - Wednesday
"Uniform," Thrifted
Petticoat, Thrifted
Gloves, QFC
Fishnets, College
Shoes, JS by Jessica, thrifted
Cleaning solution, Trader Joe's

4:39 PM —
Fall Fashion - Wednesday
Tank, J. Crew, thrifted
Skirt, Same as above

Incidentally, whenever I wear bright lipstick, I always, without fail, think of Chelsea (who, sadly, isn't playing along this time, but has donned some of my favorite Summer/Fall/Anytime Fashion looks in the past).

6:40 PM, making dinner, getting ready for evening story time at the library —
Fall Fashion - Wednesday
Fall Fashion - Wednesday
Fall Fashion - Wednesday
Sweater, Leo & Nicole, thrifted
Jeans, Gap (fresh out of the dryer!)
Multi-neutral Flats, Thrifted
Kid, House of √úterus

10:57 PM —
Fall Fashion - Wednesday
T-shirt, Goodie Two Sleeves, thrifted
Star Wars Boxers, Rob's (worn at his request)

More to come... Good-night, Internet. It's been awkward.

* * *
More (actual) Fall Fashion here!



Cait said...

Okay, I'm seriously obsessed with the striped sweater, skirt, and boots combination. HOTNESS.

And it appears I am your biggest (and most eager) fan of all your fall fashion since I am consistently the first one to comment.

katie said...

i like the quilt/duvet/whatever on your bed in the background.

i'm impressed you sleep in a unitard; i think that would drive me nuts.

your piercings are pretty awesome. =)

Lea said...

You are funny, and I like your workout gear!! So fun!! Your right ear is cool, and I love your read dress!

Two Cent Sparrow said...

The boots are adorable and I love them with the teal skirt. I too am amazed you can sleep in a unitard; it would drive me crazy. And pointing out the bra on the bedpost was hysterical.

autumn said...

I snorted my san pelligrino out when I got to the maid outfit. . . you are my hero. That just won fashion week.

Emery Jo said...

this is amazing. my outfits always morph throughout the day too!

"time for some light cleaning." hahahaha

Allison the Meep said...

AHHHH! The maid outfit killed me!! I so wasn't expecting that, and your expression is so perfect. Awesome to the kajillionth power.

Rob said...

There aren't enough Os in "OMG" to describe how OMG you are. Well played, baby.