Tuesday, September 27, 2011

Fall Fashion - Tuesday

Westley sobbed bitterly when I dropped him off at preschool: "I want to go home!" I felt like the most evil, vile betrayer of a woman walking away. I'd planned to hit up a coffee shop for a green tea latte and then spend the rest of my "time off" at the library, studying radical feminist housewifery. But I couldn't face the world after leaving behind a teary little guy.

Fall Fashion - Tuesday

I secretly kind of hate this dress. It's 100% stretchy acrylic material, and has the most unflattering T-shirt sleeves. But it's a true wrap dress—hello, adjustable!—which means it always fits. And it's pretty comfortable. And I love the colors. So maybe I just think I hate it?

Fall Fashion - Tuesday
(My Favorite) Cardigan, Thrifted
Lavender (is my favorite color) Wrap Dress, Thrifted
Leggings, American Apparel
Boots, Frye
Necklace, My mom made it!
Reading/writing/studying Glasses, Vogue
Acne, Stress
(Hair Stick in my hand, because I undid my bun seconds before taking these pictures, Goody)

* * *
More Fall Fashion Week here! (Do you have any clothes you can't decide whether you like or not? Am I the only one who continues to wear things she ostensibly doesn't like?)



Cait said...

I have this blue chambray button down shirt that I am convinced I hate, because I'm convinced I look bad in button down shirts. Except...it looks good tucked into my red shorts. And...untucked with black jeans. And...I wear it at least twice a month. But every time I pull it out, I think, "Oof, not this shirt again." That shirt confuses the hell out of me.

Seriously love the boots.

deanna@delirious-rhapsody said...

i really like the pattern of your dress...even if you don't like the dress as a whole. :)

i know what you mean about being evil. my oldest son was doing fine in preschool until two weeks ago. now he cries every single day because he says he misses me so much. i still make him go though, because as soon as he gets in the door he's fine, and he always asks when he gets to go back. it's just those first few minutes.

Allison the Meep said...

I like your style, lady.

And I was seriously going to comment that you have perfect porcelain skin, when I saw your acne note. Except that I don't see any acne. And my screen is giant huge, with everything magnified eleventeen times, so I would totally see it on this thing. In other words, YOU SO CRAYZAY!

autumn said...

I wear stuff I hate all the time so I can prove to Charlie that it was a worthy purchase- spite fashion, hot.

I am in love with all of your necklaces. And, I wear reading glasses and look like a goob- you look like the sexy secretary. Or like a super hot Velma!

E said...

Sleeves and I have a love hate relationship. They never seem to be quite right.

I love those glasses. So much fun!

Danielle said...

I love the print of that dress.
And your glasses are absolutely amazing!!

With Love, Jamie said...

Want your boots! ;)

Lea said...

I am loving your glasses!

And I have seen a lot of ladies with Frye boots!! I might have to get me a pair because yours look great on you!

veggiejess said...

So sorry Westley cried for you at school today :(
This was what happened to me the last 2 weeks dropping my Paige off at preschool. I couldn't handle it, I've been a complete mess. I'm happy to say that today was the first day she said school was "fun". Thank goodness!
Oh, I really like the dress!

Kalle said...

I love that print dress. You look fantastic.


Cardigan: Love. And that necklace - oooohhh, the necklace! The glasses!