Tuesday, August 23, 2011


As one might expect, I think Westley is pretty awesome. I'm not exactly unbiased, so I try to keep myself in check about it. But every now and then he says something that cracks my heart open and beams of holy white light go shooting from his body into mine and I believe, just for a second, that he might be a great cultural and spiritual leader.

Yesterday, as I was unbuckling him from his car seat, Westley looked up and asked, "Mommy? Is 'we' a number?"

I wasn't sure I'd heard him correctly. "We?"

"Yeah. Is 'we' a number?"

The first thing that entered my mind was a firm Yes. Absolutely. We is a magical number that can mean any number except zero. Even one can be "we," if you're feeling royal. But we can mean all my friends and me, it can mean everyone who shares a goal or belief, it can be all of us. We the People. The whole human race. Every person (or creature!) who ever lived or will live...held inside two tiny letters.


Hamming II

I said, "Well, 'we' is a way to talk about a number of people—you and I together are 'we'—but it's not really a number."

I should have said, It's the most important number there is.



Tara said...

Beautiful. I absolutely love that.

Amber @ Not Mommy said...

What a beautiful idea. More than zero in every way :-)


Oh man. Could I love you both anymore right now? Now, I could not possibly.