Tuesday, August 9, 2011

Good in the Sack

As my five-pound bag of garbanzos from the bulk bins moved along the conveyor belt, the checkout guy's eyes widened.

"Whoa," he said. "You boil your own chickpeas?"

Chicks + Oats

Me, cheerfully: "Yep!"

Him: "Wow, that's intense."

Me: "Uh..."

I mean, I'm not sure I'd call soaking and cooking legumes from dry "intense." Natural track luge is intense. Labor is intense. Cooking dry beans isn't even labor-intensive. Pot, water, chickpeas...done!

I kind of wanted to say, "Dude, you work at Whole Foods. Have you really never seen someone buy a giant bag of dried beans?"

But I think he might not have been the brightest bulb in the box. He also seemed to think the tattoo on my wrist was a butchered chicken. Meanwhile, my son is chattering (loudly) about vegan food.



Amanda said...

Dude worked at Whole Foods and found dry chickpeas as foreign?! Weird. I do quinoa the same way. Soak, cook, easy.

Sometimes I wonder what people would do without all the fancy packaging and technology that makes things "esaier" these days.

autumn said...

YUM we cook dried beans too and people are frequently thrown off my it. . .

also, I want to see your tattoo!

Allison the Meep said...

Funny! I do this too because it saves so much money over buying the canned ones. Also, the goo in canned stuff freaks me out.

And second on seeing your tattoo. I have tattoo curiosities, and like to see what everyone's got.

Amber @ Not Mommy said...

I suck at cooking and even I know how to prepare beans :P
Thirding the tattoo viewing!

Tara said...

Dried beans are totally the way to go! Saves you so much money in the long run and I second that the goo on canned beans in seriously freaky.
I'm really surprised at his "intense" reaction to your purchase. Maybe he was new or maybe you're right, he might just be not that perceptive. Ha!

Baby in Broad said...

Maybe his blood sugar was low (it was lunchtime)? Maybe it was an odd attempt to flirt with me? I'm still puzzling over this.

I actually need to hit up the grocery store today. Maybe I'll go to Whole Foods and see if he's checking. I wonder what he'll think of my buying four cans of tomatoes and two bunches of cilantro.

Candace said...

Was he cute???!

Baby in Broad said...

Sure, Candace, if you're into tall, blond and tan guys with fitness-magazine bodies.