Wednesday, August 10, 2011

Contemplating a Name Change


This isn't about going back to my maiden name. I'm still thinking about doing that, but I'm also slowly getting used to the mail addressed to "Rob and Noelle His Last Name."

No, this is about my blog.

Despite what Baby in Broad suggests, I was not pregnant when I started blogging here. I created this as a kind of pre-mommy blog, chronicling my thoughts about becoming pregnant, becoming a parent. It was a place for haphazard planning and romantic imagining. A digital hope chest. Of course I also planned to blog about my pregnancy when the time came.

But then I didn't do it. I was so taken aback by the reality of pregnancy (and my life at the time) that I completely lost my blogging momentum. I eventually got rolling again, only to shatter against the wall of postpartum depression.

There didn't end up being much pregnancy or baby to this (apparently) pregnancy-and-baby blog.

Beach Exploration

I am fully confident that I have no idea what my babymaking future looks like. If I could somehow garantee that everything would be complication-free and lovely, I'd have at least two more children. And two more really means three more, because I don't believe in odd numbers of children. Numbers of odd children, however...

(It's not just children, actually. I don't like odd numbers...unless they're multiples of five. Ideal, of course, is an even multiple of five. Ahh. So lovely. The volume in my car is almost always set at either 10 or 20. I can't really imagine having 10 children, though.)

So there's currently no Baby in the Broad, and there may never be again. Which is fine. But what happens to Baby in Broad, then?

I have no plans to stop writing. I enjoy telling my life story as it happens. Writing is a way to remember and discover and make connections. (Hi, everyone I've met through blogging! I love you!)

Beach Broad

So. Yeah. Here we are. Without the "Baby in" it's just Broad. Which is essentially the kind of blog I've been writing all along.

Still, if I do opt for a name-change, I think I'll go with something more personal.

(And in the event that another baby eventually makes his or her way in, I'll be sure to write about it, whatever my blog title winds up being.)



Rob said...

Broad Appeal?
Broadsheets? (archaic term for newspapers!)
Broad Powers?
Broad 'n' Butter?
Broadly Speaking?

OK, the word has lost all meaning for me now. I'll stop.


Oh god. CHANGE! Panic.

Tara said...

Broad 'n' Butter- AMAZING! Whatever title you decide I'm sure it will be great. Good luck with the name game!


Goth, Hippie, & Baby said...

Changing the last name seems like such a bigger deal than people make it. I mean its a huge decision! You have to change it on everything! I've been married for almost 4 years and I still have credit cards with my maiden name. But beyond the phyiscal changes, it symbolizes so much. I felt like I was starting over in life and I was this whole new person. It felt foreign and strange. It was like I became this brand new person. It was a very positive and refreshing change for me though. My maiden name is my father's and I wasn't on speaking terms with him when I got married. My mom and sister have a different last name - my sister's father's/mother's 2nd ex-husband - so changing it wasn't like I was abandoning my family's name. I couldn't drop that name fast enough actually. My married name feels natural and sounds better with my full name than my maiden name. I've asked people, and they all agree too. Changing my last name felt like I was coming home, finally.

With that said, it was a significant emotional change that shouldn't be taken lightly. I also feel that if you keep your maiden name, it should be as easily accepted. Sometimes you need to keep your own name to feel like you aren't losing you. I wish it was easier to change name(s). Its much more common to have parents with different names, and it wasn't too difficult growing up. I grew up in Kirkland, so people with different last names is more common here for various reasons, not always divorce. Where I work its commonplace for a woman to keep her last name, especially if she's already established herself professionally.

Baby in Broad said...

Rob, "Broadsheets" sounds like a sex blog. I was thinking something more along the lines of "Noelle Aloud." Too corny?

Anonymous said...

How about No L Allowed

Amber @ Not Mommy said...

Trust me, if anyone gets it, I do! I still don't feel like I have a perfect fit but I've given in because I can't think of anything better (other than my family blog name *Backwards Life* which is awesome but also watched

Ana said...

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