Sunday, August 7, 2011

6 Years

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Yesterday was Rob's and my sixth wedding anniversary. We kind of forgot about it.

On Friday night, while going over the budget, I realized, "Hey, our anniversary is coming up."

"Oh, yeah," Rob reflected, "it's...tomorrow!"

Then we had a good laugh. Way to plan, guys. There wasn't even anything in the house to toast each other with.

This is the problem with having multiple anniversaries.

Still, we were feeling very pro-coupledom, and it just so happened that Westley suggested going out to lunch and we ended up with free Mighty-O donuts (for the gluten-eaters) and then there were lattes made by a cute barista in dork-chic glasses who thought I was super foxy and spelled my name correctly, and Westley got to play in the frog-and-turtle fountain at University Village while Rob and I sat under an umbrella and held hands.


Later I made a very un-romantic but totally delicious dinner out of every single leftover in the fridge, plus corn on the cob (for the corn-eaters). Then we drove to the beach and Westley fought waves until bedtime.

With a satisfied sigh, Westley declared it "a very successful outing."
Fighting Waves

Rob tried to explain to Westley that it was the anniversary of a special day, but Westley didn't really get it—and didn't really care.

I didn't really care, either.

Yesterday was so much better than our wedding day.


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Tara said...

Oh how lovely. Congrats on your anniversary and your kick ass day with the fam!