Saturday, May 7, 2011

Mother's Days


I'm standing in my doctor's office, waiting to pay when I hear Westley's voice behind me.

"Mommy? What can I get you for Mother's Day?"

Courtney, the receptionist, shoots me a your-kid-is-flippin'-adorable look. Totally, I eyebrow-raise back.

"I don't know, Buddy. You might want to talk to Daddy about that."


"Happy Mother's Day, Mommy!

"Thank you, sweetie. But it's not Mother's Day yet."

"But there are lots of Mothers Days."


At dinnertime, Westley explains to Rob that he wants to get me a Mother's Day present "from the Mother's Day store." He's very, very distressed when we explain to him that there is no "Mother's Day store."

After a long series of questions and answers, I figure out that he's imagining a store full of wrapped presents, similar to one Steve and Blue visit in an episode of "Blue's Clues." I explain Where Presents Come From: items come from stores, ribbons and pretty paper are added at home.

His tears gone and interest in gift-giving renewed, Westley decides he wants to buy Mommy a Mother's Day present right now. Rob takes him to the thrift shop, where he chooses a muffin tin and a sci-fi novel (Rob: "I don't know, Buddy. Mommy doesn't really like science fiction books." Westley: "She will like this one!").

Westley presents the gifts to me unwrapped, tags still on. He's beaming as he thrusts the muffin tin into my arms, saying, "Happy Mother's Day, Mommy!"

I want to hug him forever and kiss him all over.


"Daddy, I want to get Mommy a birthday present and a Christmas present!"



Amber said...

So so so sweet, was this he first gift Wes picked out for himself?

Allison the Meep said...

He suffers from a bad case of extreme preciousness.

Anonymous said...

Angel boy!

Candace said...

Lucky mama, so sweet! Happy day lovely lady!


I just choked on the gooey sticky AWESOME sweetness of it all. Love him.

I told Hubs the other day: you realize that you alone carry the burden of Mother's Day until she is old enough to get me something amazing, right?

I was SO wrong. That is soooo amazing!

Soleil offered to breastfeed me many times today (as most days), her ultimate offer of comfort. That always rocks my day :)