Monday, April 25, 2011



I don't remember how I ended up reading Taking Charge of Your Fertility. My wedding dress was still warm, and while I wanted to have children soon, having my IUD removed before giving it proper test-drive seemed wrong. I was also pretty happy with the IUD at the time, so how I ended up researching natural methods of birth control remains a mystery to me.

Anyway, Taking Charge of Your Fertility rocks. Having read it, I feel like Dorothy in her ruby slippers: You mean this information about my body was here all along and no one told me?! We should totally be teaching kids - male and female - about cervical mucus when we introduce the rest of the this-is-what-happens-to-your-body stuff. I mean, how nice to know that what you're looking at is just an indication that fertility hormones are doing their thing, and not, say, a vaginal infection! The menstrual cycle is about more than just bleeding and tired PMS jokes, and the public deserves to know the truth!

Or maybe I just like Taking Charge because I like taking charge I'm nosy...even about myself. I'm body-curious. A bathroom looky-loo. Adding cervical fluid (and cervical position, and basal body temperature, and so on) gives me more to check out.

All that to say...

My fertility signals seem to be coming back! Woooooo! Par-tay!

I've finally stopped spotting after what seemed like months. (Wait. Was it actually months? No. Not possible More like a month. But as anyone who has ever been pregnant or waiting for her period knows, weeks in fertility time quadruple in length.) After a few days of ever-so-slightly heavier bleeding - which might very well have been the shortest, lightest period ever - my body seems to be sending its normal "Congratulations, You're Ovulating!" card.

To answer The Question: No, we're not "trying" - mostly because I feel like an idiot talking about "trying to get pregnant." And no, we're not using any birth control. So there's that.

So I'm feeling pretty good, like some of the post-miscarriage healing is setting in. And just as I'm starting to feel more like a person and less like a walking downer, the most fascinating thing happened: Out of the blue, Westley started talking about babies.

"Mommy, when you have an udder baby, I will tell it all about Wall-E."

He's been noticing them, too. Practically every time we go somewhere, I hear, "Aw, Mommy, wook at dat cute baaaybeee!" And last week, Westley asked me to read to him from It's So Amazing, a book we haven't touched for weeks. I'm often alarmed by just how on my wavelength that kid can be.

But in this case, I guess it means he's recovering too.



Allison the Meep said...

This post makes me happy to read.

amberrebooted said...

I'm so happy you're feeling better. You sound like yourself again.


This was so nice to read. I love that book too, though it doesn't help me much because of my ornery pituitary gland and the PCOS... sigh. I agree, it SHOULD be taught to all kids, I will be teaching mine about it.
Westley is such a sensitive, intuitive little soul. I love to hear that you guys are feeling hopeful :)

trina said...

I love it.