Thursday, March 3, 2011

Taste Tested

I kind of enjoy the Bionic Nose of Pregnancy. While it's not exactly pleasurable being able to smell bad breath or too-much-cologne or just-used-catbox 100 feet away, I like feeling like a superhero with a Super Sense of Smell.

A Super Sense of Smell I should have trusted last night when I heated up the wok and swore I picked up the scent of detergent. One mouthful of stir-fry was more than enough to know that something was horribly, soapily wrong.

Since banishing last night's dinner to the yard waste bin, everything has seemed off. Toasted millet bread with soy-free Earth Balance tastes oddly metallic. Grapefruit, whose sourness I usually relish, seems too sour. The peppermint I popped to help ease my nausea tasted like aftershave. I just finished a small bowl of plain white rice that, while stomach-settling, seemed oddly "planty." Lemon drops taste awesome, but only for a few sucks; once that crystallized outside part is gone, no thank you!

I hope this is just psychological fallout from having bitten into dish-soap-infused broccoli last night, and not a new pregnancy symptom. I certainly didn't have anything like this when I was pregnant with Westley. The closest I came to experiencing tastebud craziness was when I'd go on food jags and eat one thing for a week, before suddenly being repulsed by that very thing. I still remember the tomato sandwich that put me off tomato sandwiches. What had been The Best Food Ever was now all wrong, God, no, get it away!

(Ugh. I just grossed myself out thinking about tomato sandwiches.)

If this taste insanity doesn't end soon, I'm going to be in trouble. I'm running out of things to eat. What do you do when almost nothing sounds good, and the things that do sound good taste wrong?

The one glorious thing that has yet make my tongue be all WTF? is actually the perfect marriage of three things:

Lemon to the rescue!
Lemon juice, sugar, and bubbles.

Not a lot of nutrition going on there, sadly. So now I feel queasy and guilty, because I'm depriving my fetus!

I'm given to understand that one solid cure for all of the unpleasant food-related pregnancy stuff is good nutrition, with protein at each meal and snack. That sounds very sane and reasonable and worth a try...until you realize that the raw almonds you just started munching on taste suspiciously (and disturbingly) like Canadian bacon.



Amanda said...

I can't exactly recall if I had any food aversions during my pregnancy...this is probably why I gained, oh, 60lbs. Yeah.

BUT! The bionic nose killed me! I could smell everything, even my husbands pheromones had me on the other side of the bed with the blanket over my nose. Oh! And for some odd reason, I remember really wanting to suck the marrow from bones a couple times. And I liked the smell of chemicals. All the natural scents of the world repulsed me- flowers, skin, cooking, etc, but the smell of leather, plastic (my husband walked in on me with the shower liner clutched in my hand, sniffing the plastic-y goodness) and gasoline were my jam. It was a CRAVING at one point, the need to smell leather.

That limonata looks delish though! Pregnant or not, I think I need to pick me up some of that!


Smell and flavour are so closely linked. If you plug your nose your food loses half the flavour. I was also Queen Super Sniffer when pregnant (as well as SUPER nauseous) and it totally messed with my ability to get things down.

All I ate for the frirst trimester was brown rice wrapped in seaweed and the occasional plain yogurt (with plain cracker snacks).
Ick. All of this eased off the more pregnant I got, I hope it does for you too. Sanpellagrino is the BEST - I love the orange flavour!!

Ummm, Canadian bacon? YUM.