Tuesday, March 1, 2011

Nappily Never After


Today is Day 4 of a Westley Oliver "No Nap" streak...and I'm starting to think this might be It. The new Normal. As in, My kid no longer takes a daily nap.

I really want to complain about this. For one thing, I never realize how much I can get done while Westley sleeps until he doesn't. For another, I'm exhausted. I need a daily nap. And for the past few weeks, I've been taking full advantage of Westley's nap time by falling asleep right next to him.

But when I think about it, it's pretty clear that I totally lucked out on the nap front. Westley is well into his fourth year, and he's been a good napper more or less since day one. Three years (and a couple months) of regular nap times is awesome - and nothing to complain about.

Still, I need to figure out what to do about my own newfound napping needs. Today I tired to enforce the "you don't have to sleep, but you do have to be quiet" rule, and it completely failed. Westley thrashed around in bed next to me for a while, and then proceeded to cover me with stuffed animals. I'm fairly confident that I could get him to leave me alone if I put on a movie, but he watches more than enough TV as it is.

So if, over the next few weeks, I seem a little incoherent - or just plain absent - it's because I haven't yet perfected a technique for sleeping while your baby kid doesn't sleep.



Amanda said...

Oh man, totally been there. Jack just stopped, no tapering off, just full on stopped. For the last few months naps are pretty much non-existent. So has my sanity. I don't think people without children understand how important nap time can be for moms. For me I can get more things done, take a shower, catch up on things, etc. Without nap time all those things pretty much go out the window and by dinner I'm a raving b*&ch. Ugh.

Hang in there. Sending nap time vibes to your little man! You're getting sleeeeeeeepy, veerrrrryyyy sleeepy...


I FEAR THE DAY! Soleil has been going to bed at night at her usual time but not falling asleep... Instead she sings, chatters, thrashes happily to herself for HOURS. It is so weird. I have been fearing that it meant she wasn't tired enough and didn't need her afternoon nap anymore. She is not quite 2!! So, yesterday I experimented, gave her to her aunty for a day and told her not to worry about a nap.


I don't know what that thing was that came home with me from aunty's house, but it wasn't my child. It was a very, very scary creature. So, thank the SKIES ABOVE she still needs a nap, but maybe just a later bedtime.

I feel for you! I'm not even pregnant and I need the nap so badly. What if you decreased his other TV time to just during "quiet time" in the afternoon?

I'll make an offering to the nap gods in your honour...

Cait said...

Back in the olden days when kindergarten was only in the mornings, I took a nap every afternoon until I was five, at least. I can only imagine what a relief this must have been to my poor mother at the time. Even if I didn't sleep, I was supposed to be quiet and stay in my room until she came to get me. Would that possibly work? Best of luck!