Monday, March 14, 2011

Let's (Not) Go Shopping

I got bitten by the shopping bug this week. Here's what happened: I woke up feeling somewhat human again (i.e. nausea seems to be gone) and I suddenly got really fucking excited about being pregnant. Then I decided that since I'm already about a quarter of the way through this pregnancy and this baby is going to need stuff, I should get on that! So as to, you know, be ahead of the pack in the preparedness department.

So I started to think about all the things we're going to need:
  1. A car seat, for sure.
  2. Um . . . er . . . let's see . . . oh, I know! Breasts!
But I've already got those like crazy. (You should see them. They're insane. If I'm this big at 11 weeks, I'm going to be obscene by 40 weeks.) And everything else I can think of? We already own. Or else it's stuff like newborn-size diapers and itty-bitty white onesies, neither of which is going to disappear off the face of the planet before the baby gets here.

PAX Front Pack
Rob and Westley, August 2008, rockin' our beloved Ergo carrier.

So I won't be celebrating the happy return of my normal-person status with a baby-gear shopping spree. But so much for the better really, as most of that "must have" crap is actually completely useless.

(Oh, and also since we're paying out-of-pocket for all of my maternity care. Ouch.)



Jessica said...

You are so right about that "must have" crap! I can't believe how much money we spent on things we thought were "essentials" before Cara was born. It's an industry unto itself.

If Westley is any indication, you are baking one adorable bun in that oven!

kirida said...

Babies are such an experiment. I've found that what worked for my first son does nothing for my baby. I bought one really nice showing-off-my-baby outfit but other than that, everything was consignment, hand-me-downs, and thrift store finds.

Anonymous said...

OMG! Look at those dimpled elbows!

Allison the Meep said...

The thing that bums me out most about baby shopping is having to buy maternity clothes. The designers know they can gouge the feck out of you because you NEED them. Really, $60 for the SAME pair of pants, but with a small stretchy panel around the waist, when the regular ones are $40? Not cool, Gap. Not cool. Thank jeebus for Target. And Old Navy.

Do you guys have a Moby wrap? I really liked the idea of one for this time around with Audrey, but didn't want to spend the cash. So I went to JoAnn Fabric and bought 5 yards of jersey knit fabric on sale and got myself a DIY Moby wrap. Booyah! If you want one, I'll mail you mine.

Liliana said...

At least your home birth will save you some $$. It beats paying a huge hospital bill. Plus, it's just so awesome to have the baby in your own sweet space, eh? I loooooved having my littlest baby at home.

With the imminence of my second baby, I also freaked out about gathering the "gear". Then I resorted to begging and pleading with my other mommy friends to loan me stuff. He he. It worked out well for me because I was one of the first of our group to have a second baby, so my peeps didn't need the gear.


OOhhhh! I love that excitement! Isn't it kind of amazing how little that wee baby really needs? We still rock our ergo, Soleil loves to go for piggyback walks. Luckily we have a great children and mom's consignment just a short walk from our house.
I'm excited for you :)

Baby in Broad said...

Actually, if I saw an OB for my prenatal care and gave birth in the hospital, it would cost us something like $200. Total. It would be cheaper for my insurance company to cover home birth, but they don't seem to care about that! Awesome! But after having had Westley at home, and with no foreseeable complications, I can't imagine going any other way.

candace said...

Yay homebirth! My insurance actually paid for it, they just considered my midwife out of network. My midwife just charged them a large sum and considered what they gave her sufficient for my care. I think it came to 7,000.00. That is not a lot to ask considering midwives are the most awesome ever!

As for buying things for #2, we bought nothing and luckily #2 came out a girl too because then she had clothes to wear!

Best of luck and #2 is way easier than #1!