Tuesday, March 29, 2011

Entertain Me Weekly

I used to watch movies every day. That seems crazy to me now, but it's true. They weren't all movies I'd chosen for myself, but I spent hours with them nonetheless. I was studying very seriously to be a film theorist (with a possible side "career" as a video artist). I'm not sure what I thought I'd do as a film theorist, other than read and write books about film theory and possibly teach other aspiring film theorists. But there you go. I wanted to be a film theorist when I grew up.

As such, I watched everything. Obscure films and popular, made-to-turn-a-profit entertainment. All genres, everything.

Now, I have to be much pickier. Part of the problem is that I have about an hour a night of movie-viewing time, unless I want to stay up ridiculously late and suffer the consequences in the morning. (And let's face it, I often do.) Rob and I actually have about an hour and a half between Westley's bedtime and ours, but I'm an ex-aspiring-film-theorist and he's a junkie for narrative, so we're constantly pausing whatever we're watching to make predictions about what will happen next based on hints in the dialog (him) or the lighting (me). We say things like, "The music says she's lying." And then we end up talking about feminism, and Freud, and the evolution of comic book superheroes. It takes us an hour and a half - at least - to get through 45 minutes of film.

Because I have so little time to watch anything, I have very little patience for crap. Zero patience, in fact. And in the world of moviemaking, there's a lot of crap out there. Some of it is even highly enjoyable crap. Unfortunately, my crap detector is dialed up so high that I'm currently a little gun-shy about starting up any movie, lest I think, "This was a colossal waste of my extremely limited free time!"

Whenever Rob asks, "Do you want to watch something?" I say, "Sure!" And then I go on to suggest the five movies that I know I'll always be happy to watch - and think Rob will tolerate - no matter what. Thus, Weekly Movie Night was born.

Yes, we're scheduling our movie-watching, the way some post-kid couples schedule dinner dates or sex.

Originally, we had a theme in mind for our weekly watchings. When I was pregnant with Westley, Knocked Up was in theaters. Rob and I went to see it and promptly decided we would watch as many movies about pregnancy as we could find. A goofy project to fill the months of waiting. We had a great time seeing lots of good movies and a few dreadful ones, and there was no question that we'd do it again for pregnancy numero dos. I had long list planned out - Juno, The Snapper, Nine Months, Children of Men, Aliens (not joking), The Miracle of Morgan's Creek, and so on - and I was just getting ready start putting up regular "40 Weeks Film Festival" posts when the downpour of awful struck.

In the interest of moving forward towards "normal" again, I'm going ahead with the weekly movie posts. They just won't all be pregnancy-themed films.



Allison the Meep said...

Wade and I are total nerds and do the same thing. And add to the mix that we're sound people (well, I'm an ex-sound person, he's current) we're all, "Oh my god, that ADR was atrocious!" or, "Whoa, I like how they layered the sounds for that huge wave."


Thomasin said...

I think you'd still be safe with an Aliens viewing now!

I've found my ability to watch dramas has changed. I'm no longer okay with violence toward mothers/children. Not that I was ever saying, "Yeah! Get that kid!" but now it offends/upsets me so much I find myself turning it off rather than waiting for a (sometimes never to come) happy ending. I just don't want to spend time watching that stuff.

I was never a film buff, though. ;-)


Ummmm, I want to come over for movie night. I would LOVE to watch a movie with you. Not so much because I'm a film buff by any stretch but I LOVE learning about almost anything. And I love movies. So, the idea of getting analytical about it with someone who has fine tuned their skills pretty much has me rubbing my hands with maniacal glee. I can't wait for your movie posts. Awesome idea.
Oh, and Best in Show is the bomb.