Saturday, July 10, 2010

Summer! Fashion?

On July first, I found myself indoors, wearing a sweater, cozying up to my heating pad, and drinking a cup of hot tea while Westley watched a Christmas movie. I thought summer would never get here.

But whoa, momma, is it here now!

The sunlight still streaming through the windows at 10:00 PM is one thing - that I can deal with. But I am someone who is almost always cold, and over the past few days I've been fantasizing about wearing a bikini and only a bikini, despite not possessing the body or the nerve to do so. Anything more than a few triangles of fabric and some string sounds too painfully hot to wear. (A bra and a shirt? I'm gonna die!)

My unwillingness to go around mostly nekkid means that I'm having to get creative-ish with my fashion. ("-ish" because I don't own that much with which to get creative.) I'm enjoying hauling out my sandals, though, and giving my boots and coats and knit hats a well-deserved break. As much as I'm loving my newfound uniform of dresses with leggings and knee-high, puddle-ready boots, it's nice to switch things up a bit. By, say, wearing a dress without leggings. Crazy, right?

This coming week, Emery Jo is putting on Summer Fashion Week!

The "rules" are as follows:
  1. Starting Monday, July 12, post pictures of yourself on your blog showing off your summertime fabulousness.
  2. Report to Emery's blog, Moms Are For Everyone, and plug your post information into a link list.
  3. Repeat.
Now, I have to admit that fashion is usually a spectator sport for me. I tend to think of fashion - and, more importantly, being fashionable - as something for other people. Because I'm totally awkward, I don't know what looks good, and I have no clothing budget. But! I'm not going to let any of that stop me from throwing around the F-word all next week.

Doing my best impression of "fierce."

If nothing else, it will be a fun and interesting challenge to take my fall-/winter-/(rainy) spring-friendly wardrobe and attempt to turn out something summery...without resorting to a week of swimwear.

Not that I'd do that.



sarah said...

It's all a big lie. Noelle looks hot in everything she owns, because well she has the body and face of a model. I believe at karaoke one night, she whipped out a sequinned number that was just right. Noelle is one hit mama!

candace said...

Yeah you look pretty damn cute in that pic, so stop already!

I thought I would give this a try but then I took a bunch of pics and decided that at 31 weeks pregnant, I no longer am cute pregnant and no longer want a record!

Mike said...

Love the fashion.

Hope you’re enjoying the sun and having a great summer.

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Marianne Elixir said...

I like fierce! I think we're on the same fashion page...except that my husband recently told me I can have $60 dollars a season for wardrobe enhancement (after oh 6 years of enjoying my leftover clothes from my pre-marriage days). Emery inspires me to be thrifty and make those $$ count!