Saturday, July 17, 2010

Summer Fashion - Saturday

Me: What do you think of my jeans?

Rob [furrowing his brow]: Turn around? [thinks for a minute] There's something about the waistband...

Me: They give me an ass that I don't really have.

Rob: It's kind of...elongated. It's almost too much ass. They definitely change your shape.

Me [turning back around]: Well, they're high-waisted, wide-leg jeans. They're gonna to do that.

Rob [tentatively]: It actually makes it look like you've gained a little weight.

Me: Huh. an attractive way?

Rob [apologetic]: Not really.
Saturday Saturday

Me: That's so funny. I really like these. I bought them because I thought they were kind of cool - I mean, I love the zipper in the pocket - and they were super-tight when I got them, and look! [does the quintessential weight-loss pants pose]

Rob: Wow.

Saturday II
Me: Yeah, so I've been walking around, feeling pretty sexy in them. But they're not sexy?

Rob: Not really.

Saturday II

Me [shrugging]: Okay, so I won't wear them when I'm trying to look sexy...for you.
Saturday II Saturday II

So my husband doesn't care for them, but I still think the jeans rock. And not just because they're my "skinny jeans" (as in, "those jeans women keep around, hoping to fit into," not style-wise, obviously). I like them so much, I styled them two ways.

And the kitty approves.
"What do YOU think, kitty?" Husband-tested, cat-approved
Striped top* - MICHAEL by Michael Kors, thrifted
(not sexy) Jeans - Old Navy, thrifted
Pearl bracelet - Actually a necklace, formerly my mom's
Necklace - Phi Beta Kappa key, mine (Aww yeah, baby!),
Floral top - Tulle, thrifted
Black flats - Target, circa 2004
Brown heels - Dr. Scholl's

*I have no business owning this top. It's a Petite size, and there is nothing petite about me. I'm just shy of 5'9", with a looong torso. Oh, and the tie on the shoulder needs to be ironed, and I don't iron. (I don't even know where my iron is.)

* * *
Your turn, fashionistas: do you have something in your closet that makes you feel fabulous, but that your life-companion-person is all "hmm, not so much" about?



plantmyappletree said...

I think men have weired opinions on clothes.

Love: "Hey I adore this jeans you wear today, makes your butt look fabulous, you should wear it more often."
Me: "Huh? Did you realise that I have five of this very jeans and I wear this model all the time (same shape, same colour)? It is the only one I own and wear for the office."
Love: "Today's looks special somehow."
Me: "Well it is the same from yesterday."

I would not worry about that - your jeans is sexy, I like it a lot (especially the flared legs, they go so well with the shoes) and I'd bet that some months later you will earn a remark like "hey this jeans look really good on you" by your hubby and he will not even remember today's talk :-)

Kitty's opinion counts more.

Baby in Broad said...

That's hilarious! Sounds exactly like the kind of thing my husband says all the time.

I don't worry too much about Rob's opinion - if I like something, I'm going to wear it - but I'm always interested to hear what he thinks.

And I'm sure you're right: in a month or so, it'll be, "Wow! Great pants, baby!"

E said...

So funny! I'm really digging the brown heels. The size of the heel portion is great!

Chelsea said...

I love the hem on those jeans and the bell! That brown and white striped shirt is super cute with the bow. love it!

candace said...

How they respond to clothes usually depends on how horny they are (ha ha)! Jason always seems to not like the things I think I look good in, and also the things other women think look good. Must just be a male thing. At least he was honest about what he thought!

BTW - you look fantastic in those jeans!

Katie said...

Ooooh, I love the brown heels. ANd the wide leg of the jeans are very flattering to your height.

Marianne Elixir said...

Hilarious. My husband often dislikes prints that I think are fabulous. But otherwise, he doesn't comment much.

I love that you wore your pin (and I loved the brain scan!). I really like the idea of pearls as a bracelet! I was trying to figure out how to wear the set I have from my mom earlier in the week. The shoes are lovely and I think the jeans look just fine.

Molly said...

I have to disagree with your hubby. I love, love, love those jeans.
The brown striped top and chunky heels look great with them.

And we have matching braids today...

Charlotte said...

I have a jean skirt that I love because it's so comfy and practical, and my husband couldn't care less about. But I continue to wear it happily! nyah nyah.

Rachael said...

First off, thanks for the shout out! I'm so flattered. :)
Secondly, it's way cool that your husband is honest with you.
Third, it's even cooler that you're cool with him being honest.
And lastly, I, for one... or actually, as one of many... think you look smokin' in those jeans!!!
And I'm totally crushing on those heels. I might just break out of my never-buy-shoes shell and get a pair. Are they comfy? I imagine so as they're Dr. Scholl's and you know... he's a doctor and all ;)

Baby in Broad said...

Rachael, I bought the heels at Shoe Pavilion a couple years ago. You may not be able to find the exact ones - though the Internet is great for finding "no-longer-available" stuff, and there's a lot of cute stuff on the Dr. Scholl's Web site. (How much am I loving the "Arch" ankle boots? Swoon.)

But yes, they are comfy. Not super comfy, but certainly the most comfortable pair of heels I own, and I've walked a ways in them - from the car to the restaurant to the theater back to the car - without any troubles. Highly recommend the Dr. Scholl's.

Sarita said...

Way to feel confident in them after the husband dissed them. You look good. And ironing is overrated anyhow. Thats what a spray bottle and a few minutes in the dryer are for.