Friday, May 28, 2010

The Best $19.00 I Ever Spent

The best $19.00 I ever spent.
We've been reading potty books for months, starting long before Westley was even close to ready for potty training. We have quite a collection, which I find sort of funny. In the absence of toddler influence, adults don't really talk about poop, and certainly don't collect books about it. At least, no adult I'm close to does. That I know of.

(Ew. I just grossed myself out a little bit.)

Of all the pee-and-poop, diaper-ditching books that we own, the one Westley seems to like best is Fred Rogers' "Going to the Potty," a book I remember having as a child. Needless to say, it's pretty dated-looking, right down to the white plastic potty chair that all the children are shown using.

And, naturally, that was the very potty chair Westley decided he had to have.

"We'll look for a potty chair like that for you," I would assure him, every time he'd ask about it.

"Wif a wid," he'd add firmly.

"Yes. With a lid."

Except do you know how hard it is to find a potty chair with a lid? Maybe I just suck at shopping for toddler stuff, but it seemed like every potty chair I came across, even the fancy-ass (heh) ones, were lid-less. I thought about just buying the Baby Bjorn potty chair, which lots of people seem to like, and hoping Westley would go for it. But I was pretty confident he wouldn't. He's firmly in the stage where when he gets his heart and mind set on something, that's it. Substitutions are not an option.

The potty chair "wif a wid" that I finally ended up buying was a lucky Ebay find. I crossed my fingers that Westley would like it, that it would be comfortable and easy to use, and that I wouldn't have to begin my potty-search anew.

Westley's potty arrived yesterday evening, and I think he used it ten times in the first half hour. Rob and I actually lost count. Westley went back to the bathroom over and over again, closing the door (for some "pwivacy"), and then returning to the living room a minute later, proudly carrying his full potty. I wish I'd taken a picture of his little face. You'd think he'd just won the lottery.

This morning, Westley's overnight diaper was barely used. He headed to the bathroom immediately. I know the Christmas-morning-level excitement will probably die down eventually. But right now, pee and poop are cause for major celebration. Westley fucking loves his potty.

It's potty time!
Ain't no potty like a Westley potty...

Next stop, tiny boxer briefs.



candace said...

We went for a potty insert for our toilet because she wanted to be a big girl! She goes diaper free while at home and for a 19 month old she totally rocks the potty business.

We personally love the pirate potty book.

The excitement does die down but after the initial lapse, they get right back on and we haven't had a regression in a month!

I'm now looking for the super fold up travel potty because she tells me she has to potty when we are out but she is too small to use a toilet.

Good luck!

Amber, The Unlikely Mama said...

Ok, is it weird that I think that potty is adorable. It looks like the real toilets from grade school :-) Awesome find!

Allison the Meep said...

Way to go, Westley!!

I think it's amazing that he's so young and has potty trained himself!

When Julian first potty trained (he had just turned 3) I let him pick out a $5 toy at Target as a reward. Know what he chose? A dump truck. Heh heh. Dump truck.

Hi, I'm 12.

joven said...

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Debbie, i obsess said...

It's simultaneously scrumptious and mind-numbingly frustrating when they *must* have things a certain way.

I'm glad you were able to satisfy your kiddo's needs in such glorious-plasticine fashion.

(And, dang!, if he isn't taking to it like a, uh, okay, fish isn't gonna really work here, but I HAVE HAD NO COFFEE YET.)

p.s. yay! or, um, yes.