Wednesday, November 18, 2009

Home Inspection

He didn't understand the empty houses. It was hard getting into and out of the car so many times. But he enjoyed running circles in new and unexpected floor plans. From the kitchen to the dining room to the family room, round and round, over and over.

Now he doesn't understand why all these adults are standing around talking when there are sliding glass doors to unlock and fall leaves to collect.

He doesn't understand the man with tools that are not ours to play with. There's a perfectly good screwdriver just sitting there! And he's allowed to play with Grandad's tools all the time! He's too busy squeakily zooming down the hallway in wet shoes to notice the looks that Mommy and Daddy are exchanging, the tense way they squeeze each other's hands.

His eyes aren't filled with dollar signs. His brow isn't furrowed with worry. He doesn't know about old furnaces or cracked skylights or carbon monoxide or asbestos. He can repeat the words "new house," but his heart doesn't race when he utters them.

He just knows that there's a yard.

A yard to play in.

And he doesn't understand why anyone would want to stay inside on a beautiful day like this.

(For him, things are looking up.)



Allison the Meep said...

So happy about your new house! I can't wait to see pictures of it. (If you decide to show that kind of thing on here....I swear I'm not going to get all stalkerish and look you up on googlemaps or anything.)

Cindy said...

Eeek! We just found a house, too! We go into escrow tomorrow. It's weird to have it be so exciting and such a nightmare at the same time. It's funny you mention getting in and out of the car so many times....Luna's limit was about three homes in one outing. Then, it was time to fuss! Congrats!

sarah said...

I close on Tuesday! We can be poor together!

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Jessica said...

Good luck, Noelle!!

Amber, The Unlikely Mama said...

Oh La La, London Escorts...did you check it out? LOL

Back on track, that backyard is going to be soooo much fun! Is it fenced in all the way around?

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