Sunday, September 21, 2008

Westley's Top Five: Baby Toys That Actually ARE Baby Toys

Today my parents brought the baskets of blocks and Brio train I played with as a child out of the garage and brought them upstairs for Westley. I promptly dumped out the Brio and got to work constructing a figure-8 of wooden track, complete with covered bridge and railroad switch. Westley crawled away to play with a spray bottle of water and pull a psychology journal off the coffee table. I figure he'll come around on the toy issue eventually (like, when he's old enough to actually understand the difference between a toy and, say, Grandad's work lamp), but right now, it's all about the non-toy toys. Even so, right now there are a few toys that have managed to hold Westley's interest for more than 60 seconds.

1. Learn-to-Play piano: This was one of those can't-really-afford-it-but-baby-looooovvvves-it sort of purchases. I made the mistake of sitting Westley down in front of one of these babies at our local kids' resale place, and he pounded on it and laughed for twenty minutes. Without stopping. I couldn't say no to that kind of glee. Now, he mostly uses it to pull up on, but I plunk out tunes on it and we sing silly songs, so it's proving to be a worthwhile purchase.

2. Jingle bell bracelet: This is nothing special. It's a piece of nylon webbing with a Velcro fastener and four large Christmas-y jingle bells attached to it. Somehow, that adds up to super mega baby fun! My mom loves the sound it makes, so it lives in her car. It makes car trips sound like we're being followed by Santa's sleigh. It hasn't lost its appeal yet...for MaMay and Westley, at least. I don't know what's so fascinating about four jingle bells, but I'm not a baby.

3. Ikea "Mula" roller thing: Blame my mother for this one, too. She was taken with it (something about the little faces on each of the pegs), and showed it to Westley. I can't really argue with wooden toys, except that we have wooden floors. The wood-on-wood push-toy-floor action is hard on the ears. It's a good thing Ikea sells area rugs.

4. Royal Jungle musical lion by Manhattan Toy: This was the first toy Westley really responded to. It was a baby gift from Rob's family. It plays "Talk to the Animals" and the first time I wound it up, Westley cried. At some point when I wasn't paying attention, the tide turned, and now "Dr. Doo-lion" is excellent distraction during especially long diaper changes.

5. Red Robot: A soft and cuddly robot friend with antennae to teethe on. What more could you want in a stuffed toy, really?

Honorable Mention: Massaging Action Teether. Not so much a toy as a solider in the War on Tooth Pain. Where was this when my wisdom teeth were coming in? I wouldn't have hesitated to whip one of these out of my purse and chomp on it. This baby is sweet!



hoppytoddle said...

Sweet! You put me on your blog roll! Thanks for the love!

Our favorite was the Trio toy by Haba. It got lost. It was a tragedy. It's been discontinued.

Know that the Ikea trains work well with the brio ones, too.

(I have a new friend! *blush*)

Brighton said...

How cute collection of baby toys...

Brennin said...

Fantastic collection of babies toys