Monday, August 25, 2008

White and Black and Blue All Over

I didn't think I bruised easily, but I have at least seven bruises now at any given moment. As soon as one of them heals, another one just...appears.

"Omigod, what happened?!" my mom asks/exclaims, mildly horrified.

"I have no idea."

I don't remember banging into things, and I take my vitamins (most days). It's mildly creepy, and like most unusual occurrences in my life since, oh, I don't know, December of last year, I suspect motherhood has something to do with it. If having a baby can make my formerly stick-straight hair grow in curly, it can probably make me bruise more easily. Of course, since Westley became a regular hip-rider, I've been much more careful about avoiding obstacles on his side of things. But he tests the limits of his mobility every day, and wants to be carried less and less. Time will tell if my black and blue marks are actually some sort of legit post-pregnancy biological change.

Regardless, my increasingly mobile dude will have plenty of bruises of his own soon enough.


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L-E said...

Oy, I understand the annoyance. I am always bruised, and they take forever to heal.

I get told all the time, of your [insert vitamin/mineral/homeopathic folktale here] must be low.

I think it has more to do with my clumsy gene.

Give love to the family!