Friday, November 10, 2006

Classy with a capital "Ass"

Dear Administrative Services Manager,

The next time you schedule a meeting with the Managing Director and Operations Manager about me, do not make the subject line of your meeting invite "Noelle etc." I have access to your Outlook calendar. In fact, you made sure that I did, so that I would know what your schedule was like. Anyone, when checking on the status of appointments and interviews, is bound to recognize her own name. Well done, there.

I understand that you may need to meet with our mutual bosses about me, but really? I shouldn't know about it. And you're the one who always seems so concerned with "maintaining confidentiality." One would think you'd know better. I suggest you try out some of that "professionalism" that you're constantly trying to make the rest of us believe you possess.

Yours sincerely,
Noelle (etc.)


1 comment:

jennster said...

want me to beat ass? cause i will! *puts up dukes*