Friday, October 27, 2006

A lesson in maternal guilt

I have a new car.

Like, a new new car. As in, the year on the car won't be here for another two months. I think I'm cheating the Universe somehow, because this is my first car. I learned to drive at the ripe old age of 21, and got my driver's license shortly after my 22nd birthday. Because I am both cowardly when it comes to trying new things, and generally kind of lazy, I almost never drive. And yet, somehow, this all adds up to my getting a new car.


Unfortunately, it turns out that I am a terrible new (car) mother. Said car had not even been in my possession for two whole days when I managed to scratch up the passenger side doors while attempting to maneuver into an itty-bitty downtown Seattle parking garage space. Two days! Not even!

It seems I can't be trusted with new, expensive, even-more-expensive-to-repair things. And maybe it's the PMS talking, but I can just see myself doing something equally idiotic as a parent: dropping my newborn on his head certainly comes to mind. I know my car isn't sentient (at least, I'm pretty sure it isn't, but with all of its high-techness, who's to say?), but I think if it could speak, it might just say something about me shirking my duties as caretaker.

Today, I kind of feel like a bad mother. And not in the Shaft sense.


Mom101 said...

Oh my, this is me as well. I always manage to f up my new cars within like a minute. Then again, if I don't, we've always got some incompetent nyc garage parking attendants to destroy the bumpers for us.

Enjoy your new baby!

Fidget said...

I am the same way - i inherited it from my mother. She drove me dads brand new Camry over a parking stump something like 28 hours after it had been in their possession. SHe tore the undercarriage to hell and bent the underside of the bumper back. Blame your mother, it's her fault

Liesl said...

Yup. Right there with you. I've been told here in New Jersey it's impossible to go more than 48 hours after purchase without dinging or denting something on the car. Traffic is hell here.

The car looks fun, and I hope you enjoy it.